Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Smoothie

The story behind the development and how we use our smoothies is here.

Banana Orange Smoothie: feeds 3 children

1 large banana
10 frozen grapes
1/4 cup nut milk
4 tablespoons orange juice concentrate
3 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons raspberry jam (no refined sugar - sweetened with pear juice)
pinch of sea salt

Pop it all right into the blender until well blended.


strawberries instead of o.j. concentrate (awesome vitamin C source)
coconut milk (metabisulphite free if you're not on SCD and want to use a canned version)
mango instead of raspberry jam
date sugar instead of honey and/or frozen grapes

There are other inumerable substitutions that I've made over the years depending upon what I thought the children needed. For example, if they haven't been eating enough carrots, I might add some carrot juice into the mix in place of some of the milk of choice. If I felt they hadn't had enough sea food to keep their iodine levels up and healing levels at their best, I might add some pureed sea veggies (arame is the mildest).

Six years into our special diet, we've done a lot of work establishing which vitamins help us get better after being glutened (which doesn't happen often anymore but does still happen).

So at this point I know what we need, crush them with a mortar and pestle and add them in. Our vitamin regimen might not be good for others, so be aware that my vitamin regimen is not for other people to use but to give an idea of what happens in other homes.

Please also be aware that we do these only occasionally now, for one or two days. This is not an every day thing or it could be harmful:

50mg B vitamins
25 mg zinc
150 mg mag. citrate
1000 mg evening primrose oil
3000 mcg B12 methylcobalamin

Please note, once again, that these amounts are not my suggestion for anyone. They are high, therapeutic doses that we do only occasionally and when our systems are particularly stressed.

I suggest that other people consult with their doctors about what they should be taking. As with all vitamins, there are risks for overdosing that are not to be overlooked. Please see the sources I've listed below.


Liver Damage Caused by Drugs (Niacin)
Zinc Overdose (this also refers back to how important your phils are)
Magnesium Overdose
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Overdose
Epsom Salt Baths as Cerebral Palsy Therapy