Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

I won't call it a recovery drink but we've been using them as such and doing smoothies for years.

I usually do one of these in my blender:

If I can get organic, that's what I use:

2 bananas
nut milk (to spin)
2 or 3 tbspns frozen orange juice
2 tblspns cocoa (if I want chocolate - not for SCD though)
sea salt (pinch or two)
honey (on days that I need it to be sweeter)

My boys like to add a tbpn or two of nut butter to theirs.

I might add some protein powder if I think it's required.

I might add an avocado if I do the chocolate one. (Not for people who are sensitive to the lily family though.)

If I'm feeling really challenged, I add vitamins etc. Over the years, I've figured out which ones I need for me. Again, I don't do multies because many of them have sugar replacers in them, fructose or something else that causes minor gut pain for me.

I don't do any of these everyday but the ones that can build, I do even less.

These are therapeutic levels, so are too high for people doing pre-mixed drinks, etc.

Biotin 300 mcg
Folic Acid 2mg (folic acid/B12 have to go together)
B12 (meth version) 10000mcg
Magnesium Citrate150mg
Glucosamine/Chond. 900-1800mg
COQ10 240mg
Silica 10 mg
5 strain dopholous
epo 1000 mg (evening primrose oil)

My husband adds selenium to his (men need more) and MSM because he tends toward more joint issues than I do. But the selenium, only occasionally as this can build up in the system too and cause health problems the same as zinc and some others.

Maybe only once a week I add these (I will probably do this after the push up/sit up routine I did on day 1 because it's the most challenging for me and pushes me the hardest):

Vitamin C 6000mg (not everyday or you can set yourself up for scurvy which is generally unrecognized in North America)
Zinc 25 mg (not everyday, it can build up)
Milk Thistle 4500 mg

I would do an epsom salt bath every day if I could but don't have the time. I do try to make sure I do a 20 minute soak at least once a week.(Best way to supp. magnesium)

I've been thinking about adding creatine for a long time. My one child tends to be short in it and I strongly suspect that may come from both sides of his genetic background. I started doing some research on it some years ago but never gathered enough info. to be comfortable adding it. Starting this program makes creatine come back up front and centre for me. I'll probably add it by the time I'm in week 3 of this P90X routine.

I never add this stuff unless I really do lots of research first. You really have to know your reactions/science before playing with some of these supplements. For me, I've been mixing my own stuff for 6/7 years and I've tweaked just to suit my own, personal, physical needs and done the years of research in order to do it.

I've also made some mistakes over the years of experimenting and paid for them. A niacin flush has to be one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to a person. It feels like you're going through internal combustion. I've done that to myself a couple of times, actually. Luckily, that's the highest price I've paid so far (knock on wood).

There are supplement powders and drinks that take the brainwork out and make supplementing easy. If I didn't have so many sensitivities, I'd go with their mix. From my vantage point, the P90X stuff looks really good but I don't do gluten (at all), fructose and a couple of other things. I limit my soy and severely limit my dairy.