Sunday, October 22, 2006

Food Studies

Updated: 09/06/22

I am asked, with increasing frequency, why I post so much negative information about food.

No, I am not trying to make people afraid to eat.

Every story has two sides. Well, so does food.

Without examining both sides, you cannot get a clear view of what the story really looks like. It aggravates me to only be privy to part of a story. People are more likely to make bad personal decisions when they don't get the whole picture.

So, I am trying to present the other side... the side that common nutritional enthusiasts tend to ignore.

Therefore, you will not find me gushing over the lycopene in tomatoes. And you may find me quashing any regard for calcium tablets and dairy.

Why? Because all the lycopene in the world is not going to improve the quality of your life if the other elements of the tomato are overwhelming your joints to the point of hardly being able to move!

And the calcium in dairy isn't going to make your life better if, as a result of consumption, you are suffering night time leg pain and therefore not getting enough sleep. Let's not even get into the links with enuresis (night wetting) and how it aggravates me to hear about parents making their children go to bed without a drink of water because they don't know it's the MILK that's affecting their bladder control, NOT the amount of liquid in their bladders!... Or its links with diabetes... or possible negative impacts for people with autistic issues.

So, welcome to my blog.
Be warned, it's not going to be pretty.


You are welcome to ask questions here or via e-mail. Anything I write is to be questioned. Anything you read, here, or anywhere else for that matter, about food SHOULD be questioned.

In the years I have been doing this research, I have come to three conclusions:

1. There is no perfect food.
2. There is no magic pill.
3. All foods contain toxins.

So don't be scared. Be smart.


Here's some really old stuff from my early days:

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You can also go to NeuroTalk to see some of what I've done in the past and ask for food study help there. I'm the nut who felt the need to collect 'food study threads'. If you do a search there for 'food study' you should get a bunch of hits that I collected while I was hanging out over there.


Eric Taylor said...

Awesome Kim, just awesome. If your posts here are half as good as you forum posts people are in for a treat.

P.S. it's Eric from the forums

KimS said...

Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to send them Eric.

It's my hope to get people to think critically about what they're putting in their bodies... how often... and how much... and how it makes them feel.

Because living isn't about eating, eating is about living. ;)

K :)