Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meat and Dairy Issues: 1

For the child/person who won't eat meat, I would not suggest hiding meat product in their food.

Some people do not have the proper enzymes to digest meat. Therefore, it ferments in their gut, rather than being digested, and leaves them feeling unwell.

Young children who are not eating meat, tend to do so because they don't like it and are acting on instinct about how the food makes them feel. There are many wonderful foods besides meat to feed her. Long time vegans, who are healthy, are usually happy to offer lots of help here. (Unfortunately that would not be me as I eat loads of meat.)

For toast/bread toppings, instead of margerine, try and oil, like grapeseed which is light in flavour and won't overpower a young palate (like olive oil sometimes does). Don't start with canola, soy or safflower as those oil can cause issues in children/people with guts that need to heal.

Of course, you can always skip the oils and load it up with other stuff too.

You can check all this stuff out at for science abstracts on both general and case studies.

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